I am about to lose my health insurance. I test/check 10X/day. Can you refer me to a place I can get test strips at a reasonable cost? And do you think 10X is many times? I wear a pump and sometimes, if things are rough, I need to check more than 10X.

Dr. David Erani


I’m sorry to hear that you are losing your health insurance. As you know, test strips can be very expensive. Wal-Mart and Target each offer less expensive options. I have heard from patients that test strips can also be found at lower prices on Amazon.com. You may be able to get samples of the strips from your healthcare provider. Testing 10 times per day is a lot, but not unreasonable for someone on an insulin pump. If you test before and after each meal, at bedtime, and before driving, it’s not hard to get to that number.

February 2, 2013 at 3:35 pm

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maryh514 2014-05-23 08:41:37 -0500 Report

I was able to get help for my insulin through a company called Prescription Assistance 123. The name of the patient advocate that assisted me was Mark Brown. I am on insulin (lantus and Humalog) He signed me up for the patient assistance program through the manufacture and it was a really simple process. I receive my medications in the mail every three months. I would recommend him and this company to anyone. His number is (888) 507-9123 or his direct number is (561) 288-9044
Thanks Mark and good luck to everyone!

teabody 2013-04-28 10:35:09 -0500 Report

Reli -on strips are made for Walmart and a great value at aproximately $40 per 100. They are by far the least expensive I found, the meter I use is the Confirm which is also inexpensive at around $10.