I was recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and I am trying to get my diet under control. I am having all kinds of info given to me from friends etc. and at this point I am quite confused. Is there anywhere I can go, either on your site or elsewhere where I can find a list of foods that I need to cut out of my diet completely, as well as a list of foods that are safe and good for me? I've been told that yams are a good substitute for potatoes. Is this true? HELP!

Amy Campbell


It’s not unusual for your well-meaning family, friends and co-workers to give you advice about eating for diabetes, but, as you’re experiencing, it can often lead you to feel even more confused. You can certainly find information on this site about general eating guidelines for diabetes, as well as plenty of recipes. Other helpful websites for nutrition information include, and What you probably won’t find on these sites, however, is a list of foods to avoid. That’s because eating for diabetes isn’t really about eating one type of food over another. The key is learning how to eat the right amounts and types of foods to help you manage your diabetes and, in the case of many people with type 2 diabetes, lose weight. There’s no one diet for diabetes, either. My advice is to visit some of the websites that I mentioned to learn more about diabetes nutrition, and then ask your doctor for a referral to a dietitian in your community. Sitting down with a dietitian can be extremely helpful, as he or she can help you with an eating plan that’s tailored to you (not your friend), based on your food likes and dislikes, your daily schedule, your weight goal, any diabetes medicine that you take, and any other health conditions that you may have, such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol. This is time well spent and will give you the guidance and the confidence to make healthier food choices going forward.

January 19, 2013 at 8:14 am