My Husband has been diabetic since 2001. We test his sugar regularly. He is on pills and insulin. I was wondering how often we should get a new meter. He has had the current one for several years. Its working fine though.

Farrah M


Hi there and thank you for the question! A meter can last for several years depending on how well it is taken care of and what the manufacturer suggests. With how technology evolves with newer and more sophisticated models it really depends on what he wants and how well the meter has performed for your husband. However here are some tips that can help prolong the life of a meter: · Avoid using expired test strips · Keep it as clean as possible (Keeping it in a case will help, also check the meter’s manual for proper handling) · Check the meter for any signs of damage on the outside casing. If you are getting consistent inaccurate readings I would definitely contact the manufacturer first as they should be able to assist you in either correcting the problem or simply replacing the exact same meter you have or for a newer model. ** Most insurance companies will cover a new meter every 5 years** On another note it is always good to consult his doctor to see if he or she thinks your husband should have a new meter and what meter would be recommended-but if he is happy with it and it has proven to be accurate then there would be no need to upgrade unless he or his doctor decided to!--Hope this information helps!

December 15, 2012 at 9:27 am