Why is my husband's blood sugar high in the morning? We are still a bit new to all this and trying to deal with my husband's recent diagnosis. His blood sugar is usually pretty much in range, so we're puzzled as to why it's sometimes high first thing in the morning. Last night, it was 130 two hours after dinner. This morning, it was 135.

Patty Bonsignore


The reason blood glucose can be high in the morning is that the liver makes glucose overnight. The body does this to keep the blood glucose stable during times of fasting, as happens between supper and breakfast. With type 2 diabetes, the mechanisms that tell the liver to make less glucose do not work as well. The liver becomes like a leaky faucet, letting too much blood glucose into the bloodstream. One of the drugs we prescribe to help the liver produce less glucose is metformin. Check with your doctor as to whether metformin is an option for your husband. If he is already taking it, his dose may need to be adjusted. Overall, it sounds like he is doing well, and as long as his blood glucose levels are under 130 most of the time in the morning , there is probably no need to make any changes at this time.

October 23, 2012 at 8:17 am