Just like other areas of our life, every so often we need to de-junk and reorganize when it comes to diabetes. This can include literally getting rid of expired supplies and items that you don't use anymore. But it can also mean getting rid of bad habits or reorganizing your management plan to better fit your current needs. Here are a few things you can do to clean out and clean up your diabetes care.

We all have old supplies lying around that we don't use anymore. If you are like me, you have a whole box of meters and other diabetes gadgets that you have gotten from fairs and other various places that you have either never used or tried out but stopped using for one reason or another. You can donate these sorts of items if you know you will never use them. Often we have old supplies that we don’t use because of insurance and coverage changes. It is time to clean those out too.

As a part of your spring cleaning it may be a good idea to review your current prescriptions to make sure you have plenty of refills. If you are running low, make yourself a note to get new prescriptions at your next doctor’s appointment. Make sure you have a list of your current medications and doses for each. Review this list with your doctor to ensure that you're on the best treatment plan for you specifically. If you feel there need to be changes, bring up your concerns with your doctor and make adjustments so that you can have the best control possible.

As you clean up your diabetes care it is smart to take a look at your diet. Over the last several months have you been getting an appropriate amount of fruits and vegetables? We may think we are eating healthy, but when we stand back and look at our diet as a whole it may be lacking in a few important nutrients. If those desserts you have allowed yourself every once in a while have become more of a staple in your diet, now is the time to make a plan to substitute them with a healthier option.

The most important aspect of cleaning up your diabetes care is to feel like you are in control again. Don't let your diabetes management plan get cluttered and messy. Take the time to get organized and make a plan for the next year for restocking your supplies, eating healthier and setting and achieving goals for tighter blood sugar control. Share your plan with your family and your doctor so that as you move forward you can have the support of those around you to accomplish your goals and feel in control.

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