When most people are newly diagnosed they don't realize their challenges will also include fending off some seriously annoying things people feel at liberty to spout to you about your body and diabetes.

I've heard an unbelievable amount of things over the past 30 years of living with type 1 diabetes, and even more since my daughter's diagnosis seven years ago. I must admit that I've blocked many ignorant statements from my memory bank — as they clearly never deserved to occupy any real estate. It seems that no one is immune from spouting off — including total strangers and medical personnel. Which begs the question: "Do you have any social etiquette?"

The top 10 most annoying things people say about diabetes:

  1. Thank God I don't have diabetes; I love sugar.

  2. Can you eat that?

  3. I hate needles, I would die if I got diabetes.

  4. Why is it so hard — I mean doesn't your pump do everything?

  5. So — that means you can't eat sugar?

  6. What's that thing on your pants?

  7. Is it the really bad kind?

  8. Are you low? (Whenever you're eating anything)

  9. Is it contagious?

  10. Let me know if you're going to pass out — OK?

I'm sure you have many more to add to the list; please post your thorny statements in the comments below!

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