Unfortunately, a day in the life of diabetes equates to numerous pokes and prods. Thankfully, Medtronic has a new FDA cleared product called the i-port Advance that has recently hit the U.S. market for those living with all types of diabetes.

This innovative product allows users to painlessly inject into the same location for three days in a row — in a similar fashion to an insulin pump. A single poke to put the port in place is potentially a wonderful trade-off from the five plus injections many people face on a daily basis.

The i-port Advance is compatible with both insulin pens and syringes, rendering it a versatile system. According to Diabetes Health, "Each of the devices comes with a disposable insertion aid that Medtronic says provides nearly pain-free application."

This subcutaneous port is a great option for both kids and adults with diabetes, especially those recently diagnosed and not on insulin pump therapy (I'm personally looking forward to using this when I need an 'insulin pump vacation').

When small children are diagnosed, injections can be incredibly scary. I'm sure this product could have eased my child's transition with her new diagnosis of type 1 diabetes. It not only has the potential to decrease pain and worry, but it reaches beyond by increasing independence and confidence.

Contrary to what you may think, many people with diabetes actually have anxiety with needles. This anxiety may stall people with type 2 diabetes from starting on necessary insulin therapy.

Say goodbye to painful pokes and hello to i-port Advance!

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