So you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes? Welcome to the club nobody asked to join.

Learning to live with diabetes is nobody's idea of fun. Words like "confusing" and "overwhelming" come to mind.  But rest assured that you CAN live a long and healthy life with diabetes – with a little learning and diligence. You’ll need to get familiar with the basics: food, exercise, medications, and using a glucose meter to measure blood glucose levels.

The very first step, however, is taking a deep breath and spending a little time to “get your head around” this new life you’re going to lead with diabetes.  We’re right here with you. 

If you’re a newbie, this month’s edition of “Living with Diabetes: The Real-Life Stuff You Need to Know” is for you!

Tip 1: Chill Out

You ARE going to be OK! The fact is, you are different now; your body no longer automatically regulates blood sugar like other people’s bodies do. You are going to have to work harder than they do to keep yourself healthy.  But this does not have to ruin your life. What exactly is happening … Read more >>

Tip 2: Take It Day by Day

If you think about diabetes control as a lifelong struggle stretched out ahead of you, it’s easy to feel defeated before you even start.  So take this tip: don’t think long-term! In the beginning, especially, it really is better to focus on the here-and-now.  Each day when you wake up, focus only … Read more >

Tip 3: Learn the Basics + Know Your Numbers

The most important thing you can do for yourself right now is to start getting educated. There’s a lot of confusing information about diabetes out there, and you will need enough basic knowledge to sort through it all. Important: Do not expect to sit back and have your doctor do everything for you! Diabetes … Read more >>

Tip 4: Start Good Habits Early

Starting off with the right approach is really important for two reasons: First, it’s usually easier to get your diabetes under good control in the early stages of the disease, and secondly, clinical studies show that achieving good control early provides benefits to your body that can last … Read more >>

Tip 5: Run Your Own Team

You CAN find a great support system, but it’s not going to magically appear. Since you’re the key player, it’s up to you to pull this system together, and then take a leading role. You’ll hear a lot of talk about working with your “healthcare team.” … Read more >>