Should you follow a low fat diet or a low carb diet when trying to lose weight?

That’s a good question and one that confuses many people. Add the fact that each of us have different metabolisms and underlying issues and that can make it even more confusing.

Two brothers set out on a month-long experiment to try to determine which of these two diets works best for weight loss: low carb or low fat. What made this experiment unusual is that the brothers are identical twins.

This article talks about how and why the brothers set out on this journey. Their theory was that since they are identical twins, and have the same DNA, that any weight loss that they achieved would be due to the food they ate. Both brothers followed similar daily routines and the exact same exercise schedule.

The brother who followed the low fat diet ate only 2 percent of his daily calorie intake in fat — which is at the extreme low end. His twin’s diet had him avoiding all carbs, including sugar, flour and all forms of fruit. Both could eat as much as they wanted, provided they avoided fat and carbs, respectively, and they were both miserable. The low fat diet was less flavorful and that brother was always hungry (Fat aids in a feeling of satiety). The low carb diet left that brother feeling sluggish and constipated. And he experienced a constant “brain fog”.

After one month, the brother who followed the low-carb diet lost the most weight: a total of 9 lbs, however neither brother felt that their diet was better than the other. They concluded that it’s the combination of fat and sugar, found in most processed foods, that is the culprit. There isn't one ingredient that can be pointed to as the villain but that people should be eating a variety of whole foods while avoiding processed foods as much as possible.

Finding a food plan that is sustainable, one that you won’t quit after a couple of weeks, will be most helpful when trying to lose weight.

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