What does it take to be an Olympian with Type 1 diabetes? Look no further than Kris Freeman for the human instruction manual.

For the fourth time, Kris Freeman takes his Type 1 diabetes to the world stage at the Olympic Games in Sochi.

He's set to race in the following events:

  • 2/9- Skiathlon 30 kilometer ski
  • 2/14- Classic 15 kilometer ski
  • 2/16- Team Relay 4 x 10 kilometer ski
  • 2/23- Skate ski 50 kilometer

In a recent picture, Kris was sporting an Omnipod on his chest and a Dexcom continuous glucose monitor on his stomach — wired for sound. With his unique practice of "fading" he's handed drinks on top of hills downing them on the descent to manage blood sugars without losing precious time.

Due to the physical stressors and winter conditions associated with his sport, Kris chose the Omnipod system for insulin administration. Changing insulin needs on a dime and avoiding freezing insulin with his body heat, Omnipod fits his diabetes needs as best as possible.

According to Diabetes Health, Kris stated: "I look at my continuous glucose monitor readout 30 times a day now." With his management and technology changes, he is set-up for success — hoping not to have a repeat performance of Vancouver with a low blood sugar that led to a scary crash.

Photo provided by krisfreeman.net

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