Living with chronic disease doesn't have to define or limited you. You can find happiness and joy in every day—with diabetes.

8 Ways to love life (with diabetes)

  1. Eat well - Eat organic (when possible), whole foods, fruits and veggies. Power your day with good food—your diabetes will thank you.

  2. Check your blood sugar - This is the window into your body that's accessible all day long. It's impossible to manage diabetes without knowing your numbers.

  3. Move your body - Our bodies are built to move. Find what you love to do, and do it often. Exercise makes our bodies more efficient and more responsive to the diabetes medications we give it.

  4. Have gratitude - As difficult as life can be with a chronic disease, there are always things to be grateful for; sometimes its the disease itself, as it shapes a healthy lifestyle. The Good Men Project recommends that we should: "Tell someone you appreciate her/him every week. Gratitude is part of the importance of sharing. Say thank you every day. Through your gratitude, you remind yourself of how blessed you are. Through your gratitude, you make the world better."

  5. Sleep well- Sleep isn't over-rated, it's a necessary and vital part of our wellness. Too little sleep increases cortisol levels which in turn increases blood sugars.

  6. Help others - You can make the world a better place and improve your health in the process. Volunteer, be active, start with an organization close to your heart such as the American Diabetes Association, there's opportunities in your home town.

  7. Embrace diabetes - The only way out is through. By ignoring or making the personal decision to reject diabetes will equate to feeling ill in time. It's important to remember that you aren't sick; you have a manageable disease.

  8. See your care provider regularly - Keeping appointments will improve your health over the course of your lifetime.

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