If you find yourself on a carbohydrate bender every weekend, chances are - you're not alone.

According to Appetite For Health, researchers at Washington University School of Medicine found "calories are around 230-350 higher than what you eat Monday through Thursdays … it gets worse for Friday-Sunday."

Researchers found Saturday as the most indulgent day followed by a secondary blow - a sedentary Sunday. Behaviors of weekend warriors added up to a stunning nine pound weight gain over the course of a year.

Consistency is key when living with diabetes, albeit the occasional curve ball should be a welcome part of being human with a chronic disease. How then does one survive the weekend with diabetes?

Tips to avoid sabotaging weekday successes when Friday rolls around:

Set yourself up for success - I like the 80/20 rule, because being in the game 100% of the time is nearly impossible. Does this equate to eating half the bag of potato chips instead of the entire thing? Perhaps. It basically gives you wiggle room to enjoy most things (in moderation) 20% of the time.

Save up for the weekend - Knowing the weekend may bring this aspect of your life front and center, reserve the option to indulge for Friday nights.

Drink smart - Put the brakes on high-calorie drinks.

Move your body - Try not to be a couch potato all weekend; hit the gym, go for a walk, or do something you enjoy to crank up your metabolism.

Blood sugars speak the truth - If you want the whole story, take a look at your glucometer. Taking care of your diabetes when your usual schedule wanders is a must; it simply takes more vigilance to keep it under wraps.

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