Kate Cornell was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in June of 2005. Since then, she has controlled diabetes through dietary changes, exercise, and, more recently, metformin. She shares her experiences and lessons learned here and on her blog, kates-sweet-success.blogspot.com, which was named as one of the top diabetes blogs for 2015 by Healthline.com.

When dealing with diabetes it can be tricky to figure out how to fit cooking into an already busy schedule. Cooking a roast or simmering a soup can be very time consuming. Maybe it’s time to dust off your slow cooker. Slow-cookers have been around for decades, but sometimes we forget just how simple and wonderful slow-cooked meals can be, not to mention nutritious.

Here at Diabetic Connect you can find so many great slow-cooker recipes! This link will take you to a page full of great ideas. Here are a few of my favorites.

Chicken Noodle Soup: Who wouldn’t love to come home from a hard day to find a lovely soup for dinner? This recipe is simple and nutritious. The noodles are added after the soup is cooked so you can control just how much you use to match your specific carbohydrate goals.

Crockpot Roast: What better way to cook a roast than in a slow cooker? With a little planning you can come home to the aroma of roast. This recipe sounds wonderful and you’ll have a nice juicy gravy too!

Pulled Pork with Caramelized Onions: This recipe takes a bit more work but certainly sounds worth the effort! Pulled pork is yummy. This recipe has 21 g of carbs per serving, without the bun. You can choose whatever bread variety that works for you, or use a lettuce leaf instead to lower the carb count even further!

Kielbasa, Cabbage and Onions: For a change of pace, try this low-carb favorite! It can simmer all day while you’re at work and you’ll come home to a dinner that has only 10.4 g of carbs per serving.

Whichever recipe you choose, slow-cooker cooking can be an easy way for you to eat a nutritious meal without slaving over the stove!

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