One of the biggest issues about wearing a small machine attached to your body is, of course, intimacy.  Do you feel sexy with that thing on? Will it repel your partner or somehow spoil the moment?

First off, whoever your partner is, he/she should know that you wear a pump attached to your body, what it is and does, and that you have the option to remove it for a while during intimacy.

If you’re both comfortable with the pump’s presence, you can just leave it in place.  But most pumpers prefer to disconnect it so they won’t have to worry about getting tangled in the tubing or pulling out the infusion set by accident. Some also find that with the pump on during sex, they’re more likely to experience a low blood sugar due to their… ahem… activity level.

So try disconnecting during, putting the pump on your nightstand, and reattaching when finished. This generally works fine – unless of course you’re in for an "all-nighter.”

But let’s not forget that the key issue here is your own level of confidence:

Does the pump make YOU feel self-conscious or unattractive?  

That really is all in your head.  Sex and intimacy tend to dredge up a whole host of issues, diabetes notwithstanding:  Is my body appealing?  Am I feeling pretty?  Do I think my arms or ears or rear end look unattractive today?

Most people find that their partners are not NEARLY as concerned about a little hardware as they might think.  Also, don’t ever forget that good blood glucose control is important to feeling sexual.  So if you’re healthier wearing a pump, or even keeping it on when things get “hot,” then you’ll be friskier in the bedroom. Enough said.


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