It is now known that both physical and emotional diabetes-related sexual troubles plague an enormous number of people with all types of diabetes, including plenty of women.  

For women, problems are generally trouble lubricating, painful intercourse, or simply lost libido.  “Women don’t realize that these problems have anything to do with their diabetes control … We just think it’s stress, or ‘the kids got me up again last night,’” says diabetes educator, author, and topical expert [Janis Roszler.

In fact, diabetes can have a profound effect on female sexual function, in which case hormone creams and lubricants can be saviors.  Women with diabetes are also very prone to yeast infections and urinary tract (bladder) infections, which can cause a heap of discomfort and put a huge damper on your sex life.  For this reason, many diabetic women keep their medicine cabinets stocked with treatments for these common infections: yeast creams or prescription Fluconazoletablets, and over-the-counter bladder medications like Uristat.

Good blood glucose control is important for staving off these infections, and it’s also crucial for feeling healthy and sexual.

“Women with diabetes have a harder time taking an emotional turn-on and translating it into a physical turn-on.  We don’t know why, but you do need lubricant, you need to take time for foreplay.  Make dates with your partner, take trips, and take time to feel good together,” Roszler says.

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