Kate Cornell was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in June of 2005. Since then, she has controlled diabetes through dietary changes, exercise, and, more recently, metformin. She shares her experiences and lessons learned here and on her blog, kates-sweet-success.blogspot.com, which was named as one of the top diabetes blogs for 2015 by Healthline.com.

The need to lower our carb intake when we have diabetes can sometimes be a struggle. Many of us are used to eating cereal, toast, bagels, or pancakes for breakfast, which are all high in carbohydrates.

The egg is a high protein food that is a natural for breakfast, but it can become boring if you don’t know how to prepare it other than fried or scrambled. Don't let that happen.

6 unique ways to prepare your morning eggs with a diabetes-friendly twist

1. Eggs with Asparagus. This recipe is simple (ready in 10 minutes) and elegant. Packed with healthy nutrients and a scant five grams of carbs, it’s a winner!

2. Egg Sandwich a la Ronald. Fast food is so tempting, but many items are loaded with unwanted fats and sodium. This recipe for an Egg McMuffin lets you make it at home and control the nutrients. Watch out for the English muffin though, as it has a lot of carbs. Try substituting another “bread” option that works for you.

3. Scrambled Eggs. This recipe is not ideal for those with diabetes. Adding the rice takes the carbs up to 36. I’d ditch the rice but add the other ingredients to make a lovely scramble that should make your meter happy.

4. Fried Eggs. Try sprinkling some crumbled bacon on your egg while it’s cooking to give you a taste with every bite.

5. Egg Bites. These yummy little egg “muffins” look so good! With only eight grams of carbs each and filled with healthy ingredients, they make a great breakfast for PWD. They can also be made ahead and warmed up in the microwave for a quick breakfast.

6. Eggs Benedict. For those mornings when you have some extra time, indulge and try Eggs Benedict. Again, be wary of the English muffin and substitute the bread that works best for you.


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