If you consider yourself to be an average American guy, survey says - you are a hairsbreadth away from obesity.

According to the Atlantic an average American male aged 30 to 39 has a body mass index (BMI) of 29, which is just below the threshold for the medical definition of obesity.

Some basic stats of this body structure include a frame of five-feet-nine-inches tall with a waist measuring at 39 inches. If you're looking for a visual of this body structure, check out the article in full text.

Sorry gals, we're not off the hook either. Women's BMIs are unfortunately right up there with the men. There are many places to 'point a finger at' but when you add them all up the common denominator is obesity.

Here's a harsh reality: today many believe that the American physique has lost its former standing as the international ideal. Which begs the question - how do we get back to where we were fifty years ago? A complex question at best, and one that produces varied answers.

As complicated as it may seem, health usually boils down to a few simple things: eating a well-balanced diet, exercising and reducing stressors.

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