The emotions we all feel when we’re diagnosed with type 2 diabetes are varied, but never pleasant. The continued need to pay such close attention to what we eat, how much we exercise and taking our medications takes a toll, no matter how up-beat we try to be.

This article talks about ways to cope with your emotions when you’re first diagnosed, but they are also great tips no matter how long you’ve been dealing with diabetes.

Increase your knowledge. The unknown can cause anxiety and stress. By increasing your knowledge of type 2 diabetes; how it works, what can you do to control it, etc., you can greatly reduce your anxieties.

Relax! Stress can wreak havoc with blood sugars. Meditation, yoga and massage not only help you to relax but they can also assist with things like insulin absorption (for those who inject) and pain from neuropathy.

Do something! Being faced with a multitude of things you need to change in order to improve your health can lead to inertia. Sometimes it can be so overwhelming that we do nothing. Pick just one thing you can change. You can do one thing, right? Throw out your junk food or begin taking short walks. One step in the right direction can do wonders for your mood.

Are you depressed? Those of us with diabetes are more prone to suffer with depression. If you find that your funk won’t go away, seek help.

Get some sleep. Studies have shown that lack of sleep can cause blood sugar to rise. Not only that, but exhaustion makes it that much harder to take care of yourself. It can also make you hungrier for the types of foods you probably should avoid.

Seek support and give yourself a break. Finding a support group or joining an online diabetes group can help you when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Don’t be hard on yourself. Everyone has setbacks and that doesn’t mean that you’ve failed.

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