Sweet tooth? With diabetes, why and when we crave sweets may be related to our current blood sugar, but it's also a learned biological behavior.

Women have a higher percentage of sweet cravings versus men who prefer salt, fat and carbohydrates over sweet treats, according to The New York Times. While women may lean towards the candy jar, men are stuffing their fists into bags of potato chips.

Low Blood Sugar Cravings

With hypoglycemia or low blood sugar, the cravings we experience are related to our brain trying to fix the problem at hand. What we reach for during these times may not be foods that are typically in our daily diet, especially if you are standing in the checkout line at the grocery store.

Breaking Bad Habits

By replacing manufactured sweetened foods with those that are naturally sweet, we start to sever our relationship with these 'go to' foods. Low blood sugar can be treated easily with raisins or other dried fruits; even if Skittles are your standard fare.

Dr. Jana Klauer in Whole Living states: "By stemming the deluge of added sugars that usually overwhelm your taste buds, you'll awaken your palate, allowing naturally sweet flavors to come alive."

Give it a try for a few weeks, you won't regret your efforts!