Good morning, sunshine. Does tomorrow's plan read something like this?

"I'm going to be 'perfect' all day. A green smoothie for breakfast, a salad for lunch - which I'll eat outside (not at my desk), snack on dried fruit and nuts, and get up early enough to do a yoga class before work."

Then, Bam! When the alarm goes off, the snooze button is pushed and the best intentions are quickly sidetracked.

As you race out the door to work without exercise or breakfast, you may be left wondering, "Where is my willpower?" Let's look at ways to match your intentions with actions.

Preparations for a successful morning routine begin the night before:

  • Prime the coffee machine

  • Set out workout and work clothes

  • Pack a gym bag with water/ juice/ snack

  • Prepare your lunch

Starting to wind down around 8:30 p.m. creates a mindset of: "It's worth going to bed and getting up earlier so that I can work out on a more consistent basis," according to Huffington Post.

Benefits of Morning Exercise

Early exercise revs up the metabolism for the rest of the day, improving blood sugars through increased insulin sensitivity. Setting goals like Tues / Thurs/ Sat will create a habit with an added plus: more thoughtful food choices are made during the day after an investment in morning exercise.

By powering it up in the morning with exercise, a positive take on the rest of day is underway. You may not feel inclined to exercise in the morning - but its benefits may just win you over.