If having health insurance equates to being a prisoner of your employer, 2013 may be your lucky year. As Salon says: "You are now free to quit your job and move around the country."

Many people with diabetes have been held hostage to their jobs, forsaking their dreams because of their pre-existing conditions. Now that the elephant in your closet (aka diabetes) can be set free without worry, how will it change your future?

As a person with diabetes and nurse, I say it's about flippin' time - right? Sheesh, I mean who doesn't have a pre-existing condition anymore? Trust me, insurance companies have no problem labeling you at the snap of a finger; they clearly haven't been after our best interests.

Here's a curve ball. Perhaps it's diabetes that tipped the scales with access to insurance. It's predicted that one in three adults will have type 2 diabetes by 2030 and that doesn't even touch on the other possible diagnoses the remaining two-thirds may have.

Should we be looking for a thank you then? Perhaps - and you're all very welcome - I've paid steeply into the insurance pot for the past 30 years, been tied down to jobs and worked more than I would have otherwise.

Because there has been no differentiation amongst those with the same diagnosis I was grouped and charged like a frequent flyer in the hospital with type 1 diabetes, although that couldn't be further from the truth. My last personal quote was $1,500/month — chew on that.

All of this makes me want to screech away, blowing my horn, while flipping someone off — but, wait, not so quick, I can't seem to log onto healthcare.gov to check rates yet.