Hitting the wide open road with diabetes can be a challenge; without thoughtful preparation one may find themselves buckling at the counter in McDonald's.

Traveling is synonymous with increased amounts of sitting, changes in diet and stressors. But there are ways to maintain glucose control, even behind the wheel when boredom eating prevails - you needn't just roll with the punches.

7 Traveling Tips:

1. Pack Fresh Food. This may sound simple to some, but it's the most important thing you can do. I never hit the road without my favorites. And the TSA will let you bring prepared foods, fresh veggies and fruit on the airplane (when people smell my orange I always get enamorous stares).

2. Stay Hydrated. Traveling can suck the life out of you if you don't keep up on liquids (I'm not talking beer here). Be sure to drink plenty of water. This simple step is also an effective way to improve blood sugars.

3. Get Snacky. Find the healthiest alternatives to bring along, even if they are in a package. Hummus, crackers, dried fruit, nuts, and sport bars are better than ice cream and fries.

4. Check BS More Often. Check your blood sugar more frequently and correct. Insulin to carb ratios change when our regular routine does requiring more vigilance.

5. Move. Take breaks and move your body to help with blood sugar control.

6. Caught Without? There are always choices to be had; do your best to pick what looks like the healthiest option. Poor choices the entire trip will just result in high blood sugars and a bad mood.

7. The 80/20 Rule. According to the Huffington Post, it's OK to incorporate treats - but stop it at 20 percent. "This rule allows you to eat healthy, see and feel the benefits, but also allows wiggle room when life gets in the way… or a chocolate cookie once in a while."