Amy Tenderich was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in May of 2003. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of Diabetes Mine and co-authored the book Know Your Numbers, Outlive Your Diabetes. You will frequently find her speaking at diabetes, health, and social media events across the country.

No matter how independent you are about managing your diabetes, when it comes to sex, there’s going to be someone else involved! It’s up to you to help your spouse, significant other, or latest squeeze get comfortable experiencing diabetes up-close and personal.

Keep in mind there can be problems in the bedroom, as lots of things mix well with sex—but diabetes isn’t necessarily one of them. This by no means rules out loving relationships or a satisfying sex life, but as always with diabetes, it may take some extra work to achieve these things.

For a closer look at this topic, please read this month’s edition of “Living with Diabetes: The Real-Life Stuff You Need to Know”:

Tip 1: Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!

Last year, when we queried the diabetes community online about their love lives, almost everyone who wrote in had the same overall piece of advice for couples: communicate, communicate, communicate! Talking through problems has always been the No. 1 piece of advice for … Read more >>

Tip 2: Start the Relationship on the Right Note

If you’re in the dating phase, it’s extremely important to set the right tone on the way you want your diabetes to be handled from the start. This begins with disclosure. Will you tell a potential new partner that you have diabetes on the first date? Or even before that? Or would you … Read more >>

Tip 3: For Men—ED Is Out of the Closet

Once an area reserved for older men who had diabetes for years, sexual problems with diabetes have “come out of the closet” of late. For men, this mainly means erectile dysfunction (ED), which can be caused by either blood flow problems or neuropathy.  If blood does … Read more >>

Tip 4: It Happens to Women, Too

It is now known that both physical and emotional diabetes-related sexual troubles plague an enormous number of people with all types of diabetes, including plenty of women. For women, problems are generally trouble lubricating, painful intercourse, … Read more >>

Tip 5: If You Wear an Insulin Pump 

One of the biggest issues about wearing a small machine attached to your body is of course, intimacy. Do you feel sexy with that thing on? Will it repel your partner or somehow spoil the moment? First off, whoever your partner is, he/she should know that you wear a … Read more >>