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In addition to the drug discount cards listed in tip number three, many pharmaceutical companies offer their own savings programs or discounts on particular products. This is especially helpful if there’s one key medicine you need that you can’t currently afford.

Here’s a sampling of some of these programs:

  • Novartis care card. Saves up to 35 percent on Novartis prescription products for those who qualify. Annual income must be $26,000 max for individuals and $35,000 max for couples.
  • Pfizer Phriends (1-866-706-2400). For those with no prescription drug coverage, you can receive savings on most branded Pfizer medicines.
  • Lilly medicare answers (1-877-795-4559). “Provides eligible Medicare recipients access to affordable medications outside of their Medicare Part D plan.”
  • Bayer savings card (1-866-203-3503). Specific Bayer medications are offered to uninsured people at discount prices.
  • Sanofi-Aventis Lantus pen savings program. $25 off your first co-pay for this once-daily insulin in a convenient pen-injector delivery device.

Note that these programs are changed and updated often, so for the latest info, you can always do a web search for “discount” or “savings card” followed by the name of the particular product you need.


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