It's simply enough to live with one disease isn't it? Much to their dismay, women with type 2 diabetes are facing another potential health crisis: breast cancer.

“Diabetes is also associated with other diseases or conditions at rates higher than those of people without diabetes,” according to Medha N. Munshi, MD. These comorbidities run the spectrum and even include such things as fatty liver disease, obstructive sleep apnea, thyroid disease, obesity, heart disease (vascular issues, high blood pressure, high cholesterol), neuropathy and arthritis. Breast cancer is now also part of that list.

In fact, Australian researchers analyzed 43 studies breast cancer studies on women with type 2 diabetes, determining they have a 22 percent increased risk of developing breast cancer in their lifetime. Factors such as obesity, inflammation and circulating levels of insulin are taking the blame for fueling the growth of these cancerous cells, according to Family Circle.

The bottom line is that women with type 2 have a higher and younger death rate in when the disease isn't managed well. On the flip side, with medication and a strong investment in their health, patients can stop themselves from sliding down this slippery slope of disease.

What You Can Do to Prevent It

  • See your doctor about disease management and weight control.
  • Get regular breast exams and see your health care provider if you notice any changes in your breasts.
  • Metformin (a diabetes medication) has shown promising anti-breast-cancer properties. Ask your doctor about the double duty applications of this medication.

By cleaning up your food choices and moving your body you are making a difference in your health. You can do it!