Raising awareness around a disease or chronic condition can make a big difference in funding for research care, and improve quality of life for individuals living with that disease. Thank goodness then that more and more people are becoming aware of diabetes and its warning signs and effects.

But with diabetes diagnoses on the rise, there ought to be even more awareness education. In a recent blog article, a woman named Laura Bee expressed a frustration I also share: the lack of a universal symbol or a way for everyone to unite in the diabetes cause together. She has designed a new symbol for diabetes that she is promoting and trying to get others in the diabetes community to adopt.

There are several organizations that promote diabetes awareness, education and resources for people living with diabetes. One of the largest is the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). It is the only worldwide organization for diabetes and utilizes the blue circle as the symbol for diabetes.

The IDF has done great things, but it is unfortunate, as Laura mentions in the article, that the blue circle has not yet been adopted as the universal sign for diabetes. It seems that with such a great cause all of the organizations and diabetes groups around the world would be able to join forces and unite together under one symbol to improve the lives of those living with diabetes and help prevent diabetes for those that may be at risk.

So, I am with Laura on this one. Why can’t we just find a symbol that can be easily recognized as the universal symbol for diabetes? Something that makes a statement and that people would see at the store and recognize as something they could be a part of.

One day there may be a cure for diabetes. That is what we should all really be rooting for. If we could get the brilliant people together who have helped treatment and research take huge bounds when it comes to diabetes care, perhaps that would increase the breadth of programs already in place and extend the reach of the resources that those living with diabetes all over the world desperately need.