Hold on for a wild ride, the price tag for unrestricted healthcare in 2014 may be shocking. But that's nothing new for a person with diabetes.

Reminiscent of buying a new car (ugh), many confusing and important details can be shuffled under the rug as we all hit this new healthcare marketplace. A painful shopping experience saved by reading the fine print will hopefully equate to picking the best plan.

But quite frankly, healthcare coverage for all sounds fancy at this point in my long career of living with a chronic disease. For most of my young adulthood the preponderance of my paychecks went to medical care — and then my daughter was diagnosed as well.

I'm tired of being discriminated against because of a pre-existing condition. My BMI is perfect, I exercise every day and I haven't been hospitalized once in 30 years since diagnosis with type 1 diabetes. Sounds "high risk" doesn't it?

We qualify for insurance now, but does paying through your teeth for the policy make things any better? We've already seen this in portability plans. Florida regulators foresee costs rising a staggering 30-40 percent over similar 2013 plans, according to the Chicago Tribune (without taking into account government subsidies to deflect out-of-pocket costs).

Paying more up front or crossing your fingers and leaving it up to Lady Luck are choices we all will have to make. But living with diabetes, there aren't many who feel they can fail to meet their deductible by year's end.