There are many practical and beneficial reasons for men with diabetes to think about practicing yoga. But truth be told, many men get stuck on the idea of yoga being a "woman's class" (Do we have Jane Fonda to thank for this?).

As this article in the Huffington Post says, "If you are a yoga-skeptic, you may be thinking it's way too passive and flowery for you." However, more men are appreciating the benefits of yoga, adding it to their healthy living toolbox.

Yoga and Diabetes = Improved Blood Sugars

Yoga is an effective stress reducer. Why is this important for a man with diabetes? Because there's a direct relationship between stress and cortisol levels. As cortisol levels rise, blood sugars are hammered upward by this hormone, too.

Yoga = Improved Sex Drive

When stress increases so do cortisol levels. This may negatively affect your libido as cortisol affects testosterone production — serving to only further increase stress levels.

There are multiple factors that may link textaffect a man with diabetes sexual health.

Yoga = Decreased Cortisol Levels

Many Americans are turning to yoga to revamp their stressed-out lives, attain health, vitality and recharge their sex life.

Teetering on the edge, maxed out in every possible direction, yoga helps us to shut things down. Yoga provides a simple shift from the sympathetic nervous system, also called our "fight or flight" mechanism, to the healthier parasympathetic responses, allowing relaxation and rest.