A recent study shows those living with type 2 diabetes who experience extreme low blood sugars have an increased risk for heart disease.

The study supports evidence that diabetes alone can increase heart disease risk, and suggests that extreme, low blood sugar levels may also increase the risk by two-fold.

Individuals living with diabetes already have a high risk for heart disease, so these new results are kind of like a kick in the stomach. Not only do we need to worry about heart risk factors, but now we need to worry about the consequences of those accidental low blood sugar episodes, too.

Of course we should already be worried about low blood sugars as they can be extremely dangerous if not caught early and treated immediately. But in the past there hasn't been any known long-term complications tied directly to the occasional low blood sugar.

Plus, I was always told that most of the complications that come from diabetes are caused from extended high blood sugar levels. Now, as this study suggests, we need to be much more aware of every aspect of diabetes care in order to retain the best health we can for the long run and prevent complications.

Diabetes is a complicated disease and can affect every part of our body and our health. This study was a wake up call for me — and can be for all of us, I think — to be more vigilant in blood sugar control, not only for the sake of how we feel right now, but for our health and our future.