A 50-second diabetes awareness video recently created by the International Diabetes Foundation has people in the diabetes community talking — and not in a good way.

The IDF's mission is to: Improve health outcomes for people with diabetes; prevent Type 2 Diabetes; and stop discrimination against people with diabetes. These are admiral goals.

And with World Diabetes Day coming up the IDF created a video in an effort to engage and inform the general public. It portrays diabetes as a column of black smoke that sneaks up and attacks everyday people, robbing them of their eyes, legs, heart health and life. The IDF's intent was to show the general public “the serious consequences of the disease that can often go unnoticed if it is not managed and treated properly.”

The video is certainly intense but does it truly portray the message they are intending? Not everyone thought it hit the mark. Michael Avaid at "The Sweet Life" makes a good argument against the black smoke metaphor and "The Diabetes Stories" website suggests messages with more hope and solutions might be more helpful.

I personally feel the general public doesn’t have a true understanding of how serious diabetes can be, but I’m not convinced this video helps. When I viewed the video I was taken aback at its severity. It certainly leads you to believe that diabetes is a serious disease, but it also makes it seem as if we are all doomed to die or lead impaired lives, which is far from true. There needs to be more public awareness of the seriousness of diabetes, but there should be equal focus put on healthy lifestyles that will help to control the beast.

View the video here and tell us what you think.