Does diabetes throw a wrench into your sex life?

Sporting beeping gadgets, sites precariously taped to skin and avoiding untimely low blood sugars may serve as inconvenient interruptions.

Embrace it

Bring it along for the ride: my mantra has always been one that disallows diabetes from writing the rules.

Trust me, the last thing your partner will hone in on in the bedroom is your little white pump site.

Talk about it

Hiding your diabetes may not serve you well in the bedroom. It's not the 80s anymore — most people aren't injecting but are loaded down with diabetes gadgetry. Why keep diabetes as a secret? Trade it in for the truth; it's empowering.

What happens when you're self conscious about your body with all of these diabetes accoutrements? It becomes even more important to be honest and vocal with your partner about how you feel; it's preventative sexual medicine.

How do you keep diabetes under wraps in the bedroom?

If time allows, consider volume adjusting your beeping parts and pieces or leave them in another room (as always talking with your healthcare provider is key before making any changes). Be sure to check a blood sugar to see if you are low, as hypoglycemia can affect your experience.

Sex and marriage

This article in The Chicago Tribune tells us just how important sex is to marriage : "When one or both partners are dissatisfied with their sex lives, it plays an enormously negative role in a marriage, and is a top reason couples get divorced." Treating our sexuality with neglect can lead us into trouble.

As is true in most other areas in our lives, honesty is a good policy. If your partner has a hang up about your diabetes, they may be a questionable choice to begin with.