Type A behaviors can be beneficial for effectively working to control type 1 diabetes.

I often think there's a good reason I'm Type A (and type 1), even though I'm sure I could take it down a notch. Managing type 1 diabetes well not only for myself but also my daughter demands an analytical mind and a timely task-oriented personality — or so I think.

What are characteristics of a type A personality, anyhow? The list can include these traits: hard-working, organized, impatient, fast walkers/ talkers, poor listeners, competitive and focused achievers (hello, who wants a perfect A1C?).

According to research in Medpagetoday.com, "every 1-point increase in the Bortner Rating Scale for type A behavior was associated with a 1 percent decrease in all-cause mortality." Dr. Ovalle of the University of Alabama at Birmingham stated, "If a person with type A personality has type 1 diabetes, they are probably more likely to do what it takes to take care of the diabetes."

Conversely, depression may eradicate the benefits of type A behaviors in those with diabetes, perhaps decreasing adherence and attentiveness to their disease management.

Many researchers believe Type A personalities aren't an innate part of the personality but rather develop in reaction to something. Like Type 1 diabetes, I wonder? Perhaps a life riddled by this disease has caused my Type A personality — which means I'm not alone.