Susan B. Sloane, BS, RPh, CDE, has been a registered pharmacist for more than 20 years and a Certified Diabetes Educator for more than 15 years. Her two sons were diagnosed with diabetes, and since then, she has been dedicated to promoting wellness and optimal outcomes as a patient advocate, information expert, educator, and corporate partner.

People with type 1 diabetes who have good A1C's have a common bond: They test their blood sugar frequently. But what does "frequently" mean? How many times a day should you test?

Patients with type 1 diabetes rely on insulin injections to get blood sugars in control. There is really no better way to know how much to eat or how much insulin to use than knowing your blood glucose level. Testing before meals is a must. You should also know what your blood sugar is before exercising or driving.

These are just some examples of when to test. You can determine timing and frequency for what works for you. This study shows a minimum of four daily blood tests are necessary for optimal diabetes control in a type 1 patient.

I'd suggest a higher number, as my boys test up to eight times a day. The more you test, the more information you have about how to treat your diabetes.