Wouldn’t it be nice if we could rely on the food producers to look out for our best interests? It would be so wonderful if we could watch their commercials and read their packaging and trust that it’s all good for us.

I hate to break it to you, but those huge corporations who produce most of the processed foods we eat, don’t really care that most of it isn’t healthy; they are only worried about the bottom line. Big surprise.

This tongue-in-cheek blog post at Scientific American highlights that the food industry knows quite well that over 90 percent of the foods it produces aren’t necessarily healthy. They know they could produce healthier fare, but it isn’t in the best interest of their profit margins.

In 2009, Congress commissioned the Inter-agency Working Group (IWG) to develop guidelines for marketing foods to children. The guidelines the group developed said any foods marketed to children must be made up of 50 percent by weight of any of these foods: vegetables, whole grains, meat, dairy, beans etc. In other words, that food better be mostly healthy food. The most appalling part is that the food industry is so large and so powerful, it was able to shoot down the guidelines.

If you’re waiting for our government to step in and insist on healthy changes, or you think the food industry will suddenly have a change of heart, I wouldn’t hold my breath. Instead, as a person with diabetes especially, think about what you’re eating and choose foods that are whole, fresh and much better for you, and skip the processed junk.