This study showed some of the ways that eating high glycemic foods can adversely affect metabolism. It is interesting — and, I think, unfair — that the study showed that high glycemic foods affected women much more so than men. Can my husband continue his ridiculous eating binges of apple pie and cheesecake with no consequences? I seriously think not, although he is forever waving his cholesterol blood work at me, which is about half of what mine is despite my best efforts to eat healthy all the time. Oh, genetics how they bless and curse me!

I will still remind you that highly concentrated sugars that cause sharp spikes in glucose not only can alter metabolism, but can increase the risk of neuropathy and other potential complications of diabetes. A healthy diet packed with a balance of lean meat, fruits and vegetables is always best.

I have always advocated a low glycemic diet plan for healthier living. This is because eating low glycemic foods can really help keep post-meal spikes down. There are other benefits to eating this way as shown in the study.