Joslin Diabetes Center, the chief diabetes research and care leader, announced their Second Annual Diabetes Innovation Congress will be held Oct 3- 5 in Washington, D.C. Innovation in diabetes management will be the focus at this three-day event.

Prior to the discovery of insulin, Joslin Diabetes Center located in Boston, Mass., was founded by Dr. Elliott Joslin in 1898. According to Joslin, "Dr. Joslin believed that the key to managing diabetes lay with patient involvement, education and empowerment." Since its founding more than a century ago this center continues to push their tradition forward engaging patients in their own care through research, eduction and diabetes treatments.

According to, "Diabetes Innovation 2013 brings together all stakeholders — patient, payer, provider and purchaser, as well as academia, industry, technology and government" making for a well-rounded clinical picture.

Educational sessions, panel discussions, and hands on opportunities will give delegates the ability to interact with the future of diabetes care from its source - an opportunity that doesn't present itself very often.

One notable session titled, Social Networking and Diabetes: Does the Research Match with Reality, may pique your interest. As we are engaging more online with one another with regard to daily life with diabetes, many aspects of shared healthcare are brought to light. Speakers on this panel include Amy Tenderich (Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Diabetes Mine), Manny Hernandez (Founder of Diabetes Hands Foundation) and Susannah Fox (Associate Director of Pew Research Center).