A little relief is in sight: changes to Medicare in July 2013 will result in price decreases for glucometer strips and lancets for those living with diabetes. The caveat here is that they must be ordered by mail, according to the New York Times.

A significant number of people living with diabetes and on Medicare choose to have their supplies conveniently ordered by mail and delivered to their doorsteps — 50-60 percent of diabetics, in fact.

You may be wondering just how a price decrease is possible in this day and age . It'sa formidable challenge no doubt. We often hear of the unfortunate issues these programs face such as fraud and over billing. It seems that everyone is paying too much from taxpayers to beneficiaries, Medicare included.

Through a bidding process, the contractual agreements have been decreased from hundreds of suppliers to less than 20. The New York Times tallied the cost differential as follows: "Medicare previously paid $77.90 for 100 mail-ordered strips; now it will pay $22.47. That means co-payments plummet, too, from $15.58 to $4.49."

Many will be faced with finding new suppliers as theirs may no longer be under contract with Medicare. Current suppliers can be found online at medicare.gov/supplier (be sure to enter your ZIP code) or call 1-800-MEDICARE.