Scientists have been conducting stem cell research for some time now in an effort to find a cure for diabetes. Recently Habib Zaghouani, a scientist at the University of Missouri, has discovered a new treatment using adult bone marrow stem cells that brings hope for a cure.

In previous studies Zaghouani, has been able to make great progress in this treatment, but has been unsuccessful in preventing the eventual progression of the disease. "We discovered that type 1 diabetes destroys not only insulin-producing cells but also blood vessels that support them," Zaghouani said.

With this discovery, they have been able to focus their efforts in creating a drug that not only stops the immune system attack on the pancreas, but also helps create new blood vessels that assist insulin-producing cells and make it possible for them to thrive.

This shift in focus creates new hope that a cure is not too far off. Researchers continue to fine tune their efforts as they narrow down the causes of type 1 diabetes. Diabetes is a complex disease, but it is great to hear that new discoveries and breakthroughs are taking place in order to find and correct whatever it is that causes type 1 diabetes in the first place.