Former NBA player Chris Dudley has hosted a yearly summer basketball camp for kids with type 1 diabetes since the inception of the Chris Dudley Foundation in 1994.

Sixteen seems to be his defining number. Defying the odds after a diagnosis with type 1 diabetes at age 16, he moved on to a successful NBA career with the Portland Trailblazers, which lasted 16 years.

The Chris Dudley Basketball Camp is for kids 10-17 years old and is held in Vernonia, Ore. The goal of Dudley's camp and clinics is to "give kids a sense of how to play a vigorous sport while managing their diabetes."

Kids from all over the country travel to Oregon to participate in this incredible one week opportunity.

According to the Chris Dudley Foundation they have had special visits from the likes of Bob Medina (Trainer for the Portland Trailblazers), Terry Porter (former NBA player), Dr. Matt Corcoran (from diabetes training), Herb Brown (assistant coach in the NBA), Jeff Bannink (from Team Type 1) and Jerome Kersey (former NBA player).

Due to the popularity of this camp and the limited number of slots available, only 75 campers are accepted. Enrollment opens Jan. 1 at midnight for the yearly July camp.