Statins are drugs commonly prescribed to patients with diabetes to help lower their cholesterol. In fact, you would probably be hard pressed to see a patient with diabetes who was not on a statin.

This is why it might seem alarming to hear that some studies show statins can put patients at risk for developing diabetes.

As part of counseling patients about the use of statins, I often suggest the supplement COQ10 as an add on therapy to statin users. The following study explains why.

First, it's important to note there is generally a study that refutes another study for almost every drug out there. The key is to try to understand what the study is saying and how it may affect you.

In this case, the study says that certain statins, such as simvastatin, have been shown to affect a receptor in the body involved in glucose metabolism. The reason for this has been tied to Co-enzymeQ10 depletion from statin use. Reductions in this enzyme can contribute to insulin resistance and consequently the onset of type 2 diabetes.

Statins have been known to deplete this enzyme for quite some time. The solution would be to supplement with CoQ10 if you take a statin to try to offset this effect. Some other statins such as pravastatin may not have such a marked effect on depleting this enzyme, but remember statins are not necessarily interchangeable; some are stronger than others. Consult with your healthcare team to determine the best therapy for you. Remember that any additional medications you take even if they are OTC should be sanctioned by your own health care team.