Jeanette Terry was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was 11 years old, and she has since lived with diabetes through difficult life transitions, including the teenage years, college, and having children. She addresses the day-to-day struggles of living with diabetes—going beyond medical advice—to improve overall adherence and management.  

A team of Harvard Medical School researchers found that a new hormone made by the liver may help increase beta cell production in the pancreas.

Even though this new discovery has much work still to be done, it is part of a larger discovery that has been playing out over the past 20 years. Dr. Douglas Melton, head of the Harvard research team, and many other scientists around the world are working to help the human body use its own natural healing mechanisms to help treat and eventually find cures for many chronic diseases. “We are learning that the human body has much greater power to naturally repair itself than we once imagined.”

As this research moves forward, the much larger possibilities of the body’s capabilities can be realized. The body is an amazing thing, and if we treat it right and give create the right environment, it does have the ability to heal itself.

Now, no one really knows the extent of the healing ability yet, so don’t go stopping your current treatment with hopes that your body will just cure itself. But with advances in research more great discoveries can be made and with the help of medical professionals perhaps in the future we can learn how to help our bodies heal naturally in the right environment.