There has been a lot of chatter about the risk of cancer and patients with diabetes. This article highlights just one such study. This study does show an ever-so-slight increase in the risk of cancer in patients with diabetes.

Specifically cited are cancer of the pancreas and liver. This isn't such a surprise to me, as the metabolic changes that occur in patients with diabetes are primarily associated with these two organ systems. Diabetes is associated with a lack of insulin secreted in response to a glucose overload. Insulin is produced in the pancreas from what are known as beta cells. Another metabolic defect present in patients with diabetes is often associated with exaggerated glucose production in the liver. If these two organs have some defects initially, I feel it stands to reason that perhaps they become more susceptible to damage.

This is a basic theory on my part, but the correlation seems logical. Given the few studies that may show this link to cancer and diabetes, I feel the relative risk is too small to be of great concern. As I see it, the chances of getting cancer if you have diabetes may be mildly elevated but I don't feel the risk as high as may be postulated by this study. Other studies need to be done to validate this.

Living a healthy lifestyle that includes not smoking, eating well, and keeping up with doctors visits should keep you healthy. Life always has risks, the key is to try to minimize them.

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