If you have diabetes, you may feel forced to follow a healthy diet pan. Healthy eating should not be viewed as a punishment — it should, in fact be a way of life.

As children tend to emulate their parents, you can teach your children healthy eating habits by avoiding foods that are high in fat and calories and low in nutrients. Current studies studies show that our future generations may not be faring so well in the area of healthy eating habits.

As a parent of two boys with diabetes, I understand the challenges of providing healthy food choices, especially since both my husband and I have both worked full time while raising our children. It wasn't easy driving past fast food restaurants after working a full day and thinking. "This looks pretty healthy, why not?"

Sometimes, admittedly I did succumb to those golden arches. Occasionally, anything in moderation is acceptable, but there is no substitute for freshly prepared foods. Today it is easy to find already cooked whole chickens at the grocery counter. Add to that a sweet potato and some veggies and you're good to go! Broiled fish takes just minutes in the oven and a crock pot is a great option for when you are working all day. Colorful food is the key to healthy eating habits, so let's see that rainbow every night!