> Jeanette Terry was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was 11 years old, and she has since lived with diabetes through difficult life transitions, including the teenage years, college, and having children. She addresses the day-to-day struggles of living with diabetes—going beyond medical advice—to improve overall adherence and management.

Having diabetes and eating healthy can be a challenge, especially if you love to eat. There are many delicious foods out there that are so incredibly bad for you. But if you are smart and get educated about diabetes and what makes a healthy meal, you can still enjoy many delicious, but still much healthy, meals.

In this article, Lara Rondinelli, a certified diabetes educator from DLIfe, addresses several roadblocks that may prevent us from eating healthy and provides some great solutions that can help us make healthier choices in order to have better diabetes control.

Lara covers everything from healthy options for eating out, to resources for those that are on a tight budget. I love that Lara recognized that as we get older our nutrition needs may change. She gives some great suggestions for how to make those changes more smoothly. And a lot of her tips would be good for people with diabetes of any age.

I know first-hand that diabetes can be a challenging disease to live with, and that as our bodies change throughout our lives, we must do all that we can to meet our individual nutritional needs to have the best diabetes management possible.