Jewels Doskicz is a registered nurse, freelance writer, patient advocate, health coach, and long-distance cyclist. Jewels is the moderator of Diabetic Connect’s weekly #DCDE Twitter chat, and she and her daughter both live healthfully with type 1 diabetes.

Two Cornell researchers published a study in JAMA Internal Medicine, "Fattening Fasting: Hungry Grocery Shoppers Buy More Calories, Not More Food" in which they ran a two-phase experiment analyzing the relationship between hunger and grocery choices.

In the experiment, half of the subjects were provided a snack prior to grocery shopping. The bottom line: both groups tallied a similar number of items, but those without the pre-shopping snack selected higher calorie foods.

You've been there, I'm sure. Unloading your grocery cart onto the belt, with a guilty eye you think, "Why did I grocery shop in a state of starvation?" Imagine, too, the impact shopping with low blood sugar at the grocery store could have on your bottom line? Checking a blood sugar before shopping may be a prudent habit when living with type 1 or type 2 diabetes in addition to avoiding going when you're just plain hungry.

According to an article on this study in the New York Times, Dr. Rita F. Redberg, a cardiologist, states "the findings provided scientific support for common-sense advice. I think all diet guides include the advice to ‘never go grocery shopping when you are hungry,’ ” she wrote, “and when I had young children, I added ‘and never with young children’ – because either of these factors seem to lead to less wise food choices.” Isn't that the truth!