Amy Tenderich was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in May of 2003. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of Diabetes Mine and co-authored the book Know Your Numbers, Outlive Your Diabetes. You will frequently find her speaking at diabetes, health, and social media events across the country.

What are the future complications that you might face with diabetes? The only way to actively prevent or combat complications is if you really know what to look out for.

The number one complication most likely to impact diabetics is cardiovascular disease (the term “cardiovascular” combining heart disease and stroke).

Heart disease also happens to be the leading cause of death in people without diabetes. But you need to be especially careful. The good news is, you can drastically reduce your risk by keeping your blood glucose (BG) and blood pressure levels in check. The same is true for avoiding other complications of diabetes.

Here’s a list of the major complications of diabetes with a recommended link to learn a little more about each:

Cardiovascular disease

Eye disease (such as diabetic retinopathy)

Kidney disease

Nerve damage (neuropathy) and foot problems

Sexual dysfunction/erectile dysfunction ( or “ED”) for men

Gum disease

If you have felt tingling in your feet or experienced blurry vision, for example, you should go see your doctor right away! But the tricky part is, you may not feel anything from most of the complications of diabetes until they become very serious. So knowledge is power. Inform yourself by reading up on these specific complications so you know what to expect in your journey with diabetes.

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