Gary McClain, PhD, is a therapist, patient advocate, and writer who specializes in helping clients—as well as their family members and professional caregivers—deal with the emotional impact of chronic and life-threatening illnesses.

If you look hard enough (or even if you don’t look too hard), it's easy to see the negative side of life. And to focus on it.

After all, life is filled with challenges — more on some days than other days. You know, we all have those days when it feels like a dark cloud has descended on us.

So, how about creating some light on the horizon? Here’s a mindfulness technique to bring some light into your life.

Sit in a comfortable position. Ideally, sitting up straight, with your lower back supported, or on the floor with your legs crossed in front of you.

Close your eyes.

Take a couple of calming breaths. Breathe in slowly, release slowly.

Visualize yourself in a quiet, serene setting, at home or in nature. Someplace far away from the stressful environment you might currently be in.

Now, visualize yourself surrounded by light.

Imagine that the light is providing you with energy, healing, peace, protection, self-confidence — whatever you need at the moment.

Remind yourself of what’s going well in your life. Tell yourself that the stress you are feeling at the moment is temporary. Let yourself get rejuvenated before you jump back into the action.

This technique can require as little as 30 seconds of your time, so don’t assume you don’t have time to give it a try. And if you do have time to give, you may want to keep it going for awhile.

Enjoy your own private sunshine. And benefit from the mental and spiritual Vitamin D.

P.S. I personally use this technique so I can say from experience that it works!