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What if you had to choose between buying your insulin and paying for this week’s groceries? Or an unexpected car repair?

Many people with diabetes are on a tight budget. But the millions who depend on insulin need it whether they can afford it or not.

That’s why the Affordable Insulin Project has been launched. It’s a new initiative with one simple goal: making access to insulin more affordable for everyone.

Skyrocketing prices

The average cost of insulin per patient has increased dramatically—far more than other diabetes medications. Researchers who reviewed data on nearly 28,000 people with diabetes found their insulin expense roughly tripled between 2002 and 2013, and there’s little relief in sight.

How the project helps

To combat this problem, the Affordable Insulin Project is out to spark change at every step of the insulin supply chain, from manufacturers to users.

Their website connects people who can’t afford insulin to drug makers’ patient assistance programs, copay cards, and other ways to reduce insulin costs.

That’s only the beginning of what the Affordable Insulin Project provides. Patients, family members, employers, and healthcare professionals will find tools and resources that help them understand the benefits of greater insulin access and spread the word about it. For example, employers may be surprised to learn that improving employees’ access to insulin could lower company healthcare costs while improving their workers’ health. It’s a win-win.

Check it out

Want to learn more or get involved? Visit the Affordable Insulin Project’s website. It just might help change diabetes care for the better—and who doesn’t want that?

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