Toujeo is a new brand of long-acting insulin that promotes level blood sugar for individuals with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. It comes in an easy-to-use disposable SoloStar injector pen and lasts 24 hours.

How is Toujeo different?

Toujeo is about three times as concentrated as standard long-acting insulin, so you use less to provide the same number of insulin units. It is prescribed to adults whose bodies don't produce enough insulin or can’t use insulin properly.

Unlike other long-acting insulins, Toujeo slowly releases the hormone throughout the day, mimicking a healthy body’s natural insulin-producing ability. Research has shown that over time, Toujeo can lower A1c levels—a measure of average blood sugar during the previous three months. In clinical trials, patients who used Toujeo also had 31 percent fewer low blood sugar incidents than those who took Lantus, another long-acting insulin.

> Toujeo is proven to lower A1c levels.

When taken once a day at the same time, Toujeo doesn't have a pronounced peak or suddenly wear off. It’s hoped that this will mean less time spent by patients worrying about managing diabetes and greater freedom for them to enjoy everyday activities.

Toujeo Savings Card

Only your doctor can determine whether Toujeo is appropriate for you. If so, you can save on your prescription costs by signing up for a Toujeo Savings Card. This card will help you pay no more than $15 per Toujeo SoloStar prescription over the course of a year. You can also enroll in discount services such as the RelayHealth eVoucherRX program for automatic savings on many prescriptions every time you fill them. Discuss these possibilities with your pharmacist to see if you are eligible.

Important precautions

Children cannot take Toujeo. This prescription medication should not be used to treat diabetic ketoacidosis. Do not refill a Toujeo disposable injector or use Toujeo if you have an allergy to insulin. Those who are pregnant, wish to become pregnant, have kidney or liver problems, are breastfeeding, or are planning to breastfeed should not take Toujeo. Discuss any medications that you are taking with your doctor to be sure they will not cause interactions with Toujeo. Thiazolidinediones, also known as TZDs, may cause heart failure if taken at the same time as Toujeo.

Blood sugar log

Toujeo provides a free blood sugar log to help you keep track of your progress towards better diabetes health. You can download this helpful document from the Toujeo website to enter your blood sugar test results and learn how Toujeo is affecting your diabetes. This log can also help your physician to see if the treatment is working, so be sure to bring it to your doctor appointments.

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