Some people keep their health conditions to themselves. You may find out your next-door neighbor has diabetes, and you never had a clue! Some big-name celebrities have the condition too, though you might not have heard about it. Like the rest of us, they have altered their busy lifestyle to better treat their symptoms. Here are a few famous names who are coping with diabetes.

Tom Hanks

When this actor isn't spending time on a deserted island talking to a volleyball named Wilson, he's working to keep his type 2 diabetes under control. Like many actors, Hanks must sometimes gain or lose weight for his roles, and this must be done carefully to avoid drastic changes in blood sugar. According to the website Health, Hanks had moderately elevated blood sugar, also known as prediabetes, for years before being diagnosed with diabetes. That’s not uncommon. The statistics on people with prediabetes are startling. An estimated 86 million Americans had the condition in 2012. Meanwhile, the American Diabetes Association says that of the estimated 29.1 million people in the United States who have diabetes, 8.1 million have not been diagnosed.

Halle Berry

Everyday Health reports that Halle Berry has type 1 diabetes. Before she was diagnosed with the condition, Berry went into a diabetic coma while filming the show Living Dolls. She once claimed that she has managed her condition so well that she no longer needs insulin and has changed to a type 2 diabetic. While most experts scoff at this, some people are misdiagnosed with the wrong type of diabetes and may be incorrectly treated. That’s why it’s important to work closely with your health care team to monitor your blood sugar levels and make sure your treatment regimen is effective.

Some people are misdiagnosed with the wrong type of diabetes.

Paula Deen

Chef Paula Deen is well-known for her down-home Southern cooking, full of butter and calories. While her dishes may be tasty, her lifestyle may have influenced her 2012 diagnosis with type 2 diabetes. According to ABC News, the celebrity lost 35 pounds in the spring of 2015 in an effort to control her diabetes symptoms. She claims to have rid her home kitchen of all things white, from rice and bread to potatoes and pasta. Now that she has lost some weight, Deen is cultivating a new habit—eating in moderation. Instead of eating six cookies at once, she will thoroughly enjoy just one to help maintain her weight loss and improve her diabetes.

Bret Michaels

The lead singer of Poison has had diabetes since he was six years old, but he didn't publicly talk about the condition until he became famous. Michaels is a spokesperson for the American Diabetes Association, and he won $250,000 for the charity on TV’s Celebrity Apprentice.

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